A routine traffic stop takes a sinister turn when two black men encounter a small-town cop on a power trip.

This powerful short film wrings nearly unbearable tension from the simplest of setups: a car, its three occupants, and the two police officers who pull them over in the dead of night with what becomes increasingly clear are not the best intentions.

The 12-minute short premiered at Dam Short Film Festival, where it was awarded Best Horror. After 20 more festival screenings – including SXSW – and four more awards – including Best Narrative Short: Suspense at the Baltimore International Black Film Festival – the movie was selected for distribution by prestigious YouTube channel Omeleto, who write in their description:

“Heavy with inky-dark shadows pierced by harsh invasive lights, the story is shot with an eye to the ominous and unpredictable. In many ways, it resembles a horror movie — only the real-life phantom is the threat of potential police retaliation and brutality that hangs over so many incidents like this across the country. And as the fear and dread heighten — an arc so deftly captured by the precise, specific performances of the excellent cast — it takes just one careless comment to unleash the specter of potential retaliation. As the passengers navigate the interrogation and the police officer tightens his focus, the situation escalates into a potential powder keg, threatening to detonate with just one small wrong move.”

Featuring Camron Jones (Amazon’s Panic), Jessica Perrin (Fear The Walking Dead), Chris Boykin (Boss), and a truly terrifying performance by Paul Hickert (The Blacklist, Law & Order: SVU) as Officer Stone, the short was executive produced by Jeffrey Reddick, creator of the $655M-grossing Final Destination series, who is also attached to produce a feature version, currently in development.


Steven DeGennaro


Steven DeGennaro, Scott Weinberg


Steven DeGennaro, Charles Mulford, Scott Weinberg, Patrick McSherry, Rich Bond

Executive Producers

Jeffrey Reddick, Randi R. Ludwig


Camron Jones, Chris Boykin, Jessica Perrin, Paul Hickert, Gene Bolton